The History of WWII Escape Maps



Table of Contents

                                            I.    History of WWII British Cloth Escape Maps

                                                   A.   Introduction -- MI 9 and Clayton Hutton

                                                   B.   The Bartholomew Cloth Maps

                                                   C.   Secrecy of the Maps

                                                   D.   GSGS 4090 Series

                                                   E.   From Silk to Rayon                                                                 

                                                   F.   The 43 Series

                                                   G.   Money Purses and Map Pouches

                                                   H.   The 44 Series

                                                    I.   D Survey Assumes Responsibility for Escape Maps

                                                    J.    The FSG Maps

                                                    K.   GSGS 3982 Series

                                                    L.   Survey of India Maps

                                                    M.   Summary

                                            II.    History of US WWII Cloth Escape Maps                                                   

                                                    A.   The Army Map Service Road Map of West Africa

                                                    B.   The Army Map Service Finds a Suitable Fabric

                                                    C.   The Army Map Service Investigates the Practicability of

                                                           Phosphorescent Cloth Maps

                                                    D.   The Army Map Service Begins Mass Production of Cloth Maps

                                                    E.   The AAF Cloth Map Series

                                                           1.   Southwest Pacific Area Series

                                                           2.   Mediterranean Series

                                                           3.   Asiatic Series

                                                           4.   Philippine Series

                                                           5.   Eastern Asia Series

                                                           6.   Miscellaneous AAF Escape Maps

                                                           7.   The Lost Cloth Maps?

                                                           8.   Conclusion

                                                    F.   Navy NACI-HO Survival Cloth Charts

                                                    G.   RAAF Silk Escape Maps Produced for MIS-X

                                                    H.   Conclusion

                                           III.   History of WWII US Navy Rubber Life Raft Charts

                                                    A.   Introduction

                                                    B.  The Paper Lifeboat Charts

                                                    C.   The Oil Cloth Pilot Charts

                                            IV.   History of WWII Tissue Escape Maps



Escape Maps
Blood Chits


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